Winter is coming, and that means holiday travel and incoming snow. You'll want to prepare for the season by making sure your ride is ready to carry you through it. At Nielsen Chevrolet, our expert technicians are ready to offer you the services you need to prep your vehicle for the season.

Equip your Car with New Winter Tires

One of the most crucial steps in preparing your SUV, truck or car for harsh winter conditions is equipping it with new winter tires. Used, new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles often come with all-season tires that are not the best option during the winter period. The cold temperatures, snow and ice can greatly reduce the wheels' traction, and, if there is ice or snow on the surface, the wheels lose more traction. You can find the right set of winter tires that can get you through the cold season. Stop by our dealership in Dover and have our technicians install your vehicle with new winter tires.

Check your Car's Fluid Levels

Engine oil and antifreeze are vital components that help protect your engine from harsh weather conditions around Newark. While all modern vehicles will have these fluids when you buy them, oil breaks down over time and antifreeze can slowly leak and evaporate. If your car has low fluid levels, visit us today, and our friendly technicians will be happy to top them off for you.

Prevent Snow and Ice from Affecting Your Visibility

During cold weather, ice and snow can build up easily on your windshield as you drive through Boonton, reducing your visibility. You can prevent ice build-up by coating your vehicle's windshield with a de-icing solution or using an ice scraper to break up the ice. You should also remember to install new wiper blades before winter starts.

Visit our Service Center Today

Whether you need to replace your tires, service your brake pads or conduct an oil change, our team at Nielsen Chevrolet in Dover is ready to help. Schedule a service appointment today to prepare your vehicle for winter.

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