Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Dover, NJ

Discover the Increasing Roster of Alternative Fuel Vehicles from Chevrolet

More and more these days, car manufacturers are increasing their electric and hybrid vehicles, including Chevrolet. At Nielsen Ford, our Chevy EVs and hybrids inventory continues to expand like never before. These fuel-efficient, modern, and sleek-looking vehicles provide Morristown drivers with all the outstanding performance and innovative features you'd expect from a Chevrolet vehicle. To learn all you can about the current and upcoming lineup of Chevrolet hybrids and EVs, please continue reading.

The Benefits of Buying an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle from Chevrolet

Hybrids and electric vehicles attract drivers who love innovative vehicles and offer great fuel economy. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles are effective means saving you money as you will spend less time at the pump. Plus, technology has advanced to the point that even alternative fuel vehicles offer new and exciting features.

New Chevrolet Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Available in Dover, NJ

As it stands, Chevy hybrids and EVs make up a decent portion of their lineup. This means that even Newark shoppers will find plenty of options to pick through and enjoy. The following are highlights of the Chevrolet's alternative fuel vehicles.

Chevy Bolt EUV and EV available at Nielsen Chevrolet in Dover, NJ

Chevy Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is a small all-electric hatchback that's one of the most affordable and popular electric cars on the road today. It offers a redesigned cabin and updated styling and comes with a suite of safety features that is now standard, including forward collision warning and lane-keeping assist. The Bolt EV uses the same powertrain as before that provides an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge.

Bolt EUV

As a small all-electric SUV based on the Bolt EV hatchback. It expands Chevrolet's electric vehicle lineup to two and enhances the Bolt's passenger-carrying abilities. While it's an increase in size, this EUV offers technology enhancements and convenience features that aren't available on the standard Bolt, like the Super Cruise partially automated driving assistant.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Plug-in Hybrid

While we haven't heard much about the upcoming Chevy Silverado 1500, we do know that it won't feature a conventional hybrid system. Rather it will be a plug-in hybrid, offering a more powerful electric motor and larger battery pack. This design should give this new model around 40-50 miles in its all-electric mode.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

With a strong engine, the Malibu hybrid is capable of driving up to 55 mph before needing help from its gas engine. And as a mid-range trim, the Malibu Hybrid is equipped with several advanced features for drivers to enjoy, like an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple Car Play / Android Auto, and front pedestrian braking.

Alternative fuel vehicles available at Nielsen Chevrolet in Dover, NJ

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With this list of new and upcoming alternative fuel vehicles from Chevrolet, we hope you have a better understanding of the increasing lineup that can be found at our Dover dealership. From the vehicles listed, you can see that we have a wide range of options, from cars to trucks and even SUVs. This list of hybrid and electric vehicles will only increase, so if you're a fan of these types of vehicles or are becoming one, we hope you check back again to see what is forthcoming.

If you want more about the alternative fuel vehicles we have to offer or the features that each model provides, then come to Nielsen Ford and browse our inventory or keep searching our website. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is always here to help so, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.